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Here's what some of our clients have to say...

" Lynne's Collection Strategies Workshop is extremely informative and necessary to businesses who are looking to organize and implement successful policies and procedures in accounts receivable. She provided the necessary tools and educated my staff as to how to avoid nonpayment of bills. Lynne is organized and diligent in her pursuit of clients who owe the business money while being respectful and patient with each one. I have found my accounts receivables number consistently decreasing with her help."  Sarah, Animal Hospital, Laguna Beach, CA

"We utilized Lynne's A/R Management Services and the results exceeded our expectations. She was very effective and efficient in increasing our lawfirms's collections on aged receivables (we thought we would never collect on) by over 85%."  
 Vi, Lawyer, Fountain Valley, CA

"Lynne at Debt Collection Consultants is wonderful. Fast turn-around service; personal and professional. Thanks Lynne."   Jim, Chiropractor, Santa Ana, CA

"I have utilized Debt Collection Consultants for the past several years. Lynne is helpful, professional and, most importantly, she has been successful in collecting on extremely difficult accounts."
Pat, Court Reporting Agency, Los Angeles, CA

"I have used Debt Collection Consultants for a number of years. Their diligence in collection has proven to be quite successful and a cost effective method to manage those difficult collection accounts. Other companies have not compared in the effort of collection and reporting." Lisa, Property Manager, Long Beach 

"We have used the services for the past 8 years and are very pleased with the results. We highly recommend this service to anyone that needs a collection service."  
            Holly, Insurance Agency, Costa Mesa, CA

Amazing. I cannot believe the work ethic and persistency that you have displayed. Thank you for providing terrific service."
          Karen, Air Conditioning & Heating Company, Anaheim, CA

  "Lynne helped me to develop intake forms and payment/invoicing procedures for my small business. She completed all in an efficient manner. I have been able to successfully utilize what she generated. Using Lynne is a "good investment" in your business." Chris, Math Tutor, Newport Beach, CA

   " You have been very efficient and professional in dealing with our collection matters, your follow-up and bringing the matter to closure is excellent and your advice on handling collections, most helpful."   Linda, Property Manager, Tustin, CA

 " I appreciate your efforts and thank you for all your hard work.  My collection ratio is significantly higher than before I outsourced my receivables function to you. You really care about your clients in providing the best service"   Angela, Accounting Firm, Rolling Hills Estates, CA