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Professional Summary

Lynn Izzo – Debt Collection Consultants

Why selecting Debt Collection Consultants makes good business sense

Being able to identify and resolve complex challenges through effective utilization of resources and relationship building efforts is one of the most appreciated aspects of Debt Collection Consultants value proposition. Founder and Managing Principal, Lynn Izzo offers clients peace of mind by enabling them to optimize their financial assets.

As a proactive, innovative accounts receivables (A/R) efficiency expert, Lynn is accustomed to streamlining procedures for maximum impact on revenue generation and cash flow enhancing solutions. Lynn has hands-on experience with all facets of successful collection process implementation across diverse industries. In addition to being extraordinarily professional, persuasive and innately focused on achieving desired operational financial outcomes, Lynn’s expertise and services includes:

  • Designing, implementing and enforcing internal collection policies and procedures
  • Serving as an outsourced accounts receivable solution provider
  • Catching up and cleaning up bad debt by streamlining processes
  • Conducting on-site consultations, staff training and customized workshops and seminars
  • Building sound A/R management programs to enable organizations to collect more efficiently
  • Preparing written demands, placing calls and conducting account follow-up
  • Evaluating A/R aging reports, troubleshooting problems and maximizing recoveries
  • Recommending collection letter, call and documentation improvements
  • Identifying bad debt and high-risk accounts through proactive billing and aging analysis
  • Establishing professional working relationships with debtors to facilitate timely resolution
  • Reducing operational cost by achieving successful collection results
  • Expediting payment by drafting appropriate invoice and contract verbiage and payment terms

How Debt Collection Consultants creates a business advantage for you

Lynn has been delivering professional debt collection and accounts receivable management services and consulting to a diversified business client base throughout the course of her career. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Keene State College in New Hampshire. Her independent consultant practice has also been enhanced through acquisition of a Paralegal Certificate from University of San Diego. Clients put their trust in Lynn and Debt Collection Consultants due to her immense knowledge and understanding of all phases of financial services, legally compliant collection procedures and judgment enforcement.

Contact Lynn Izzo at Debt Collection Consultants today if your business could benefit from support in any of the following areas

  • Billing and Aging Analysis
  • Correspondence Preparation
  • Dispute Negotiation
  • A/R Structure Consultations
  • Collection Policy Enforcement
  • Delinquency Resolution
  • Skip Traces and Client Search
  • A/R Process and Design
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Receivable Debt Reduction
  • Asset Management Strategies
  • A/R Services Outsourcing

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