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Cash Flow Problems With Accounts Receivables
Caused By Bad Debt, Outstanding Invoices, Slow Pays, Understaffed or Inexperienced Staff ?

Your accounts receivables must flow consistently.  Without cash flowing, your business is in trouble and your profits are minimized.  Debt weighs down your business, your thoughts and your profits.

Insufficient internal resources, lack of hands-on experience and disinterest can create a ball and chain weighing down your accounts receivables billing and collections process. 

Your Accounts Receivables Don’t Have To Tie You Down!
We offer cost-effective, seamless solutions to the problem TAILORED TO YOUR ORGANIZATIONAL NEEDS. Here's How...


Learn How To Effectively Manage Your Accounts Receivables From An Experienced and Trusted Collections Professional

Our collection consulting will provide you with the tools, tips, techniques and resources to better manage and streamline your internal accounts receivable function. 

Let us Share our Expertise:
Accounts Receivable Staffing
Develop or re-structure internal policies and procedures to collect consistently
Identify and resolve weak billing issues
Detect and eliminate deficiencies
Payment Policy
Credit Policy
Optimize Billing Procedures
Maintaining Accurate Records
Red Flags
Collection Call Scripts
Collection Letters
Collection Follow-ups
Bad Debt Issues
Write-off Recommendations
Maximize your time on a/r
Optimize financial and management reporting
Educate/train staff on best collection practices
And More...

Reduce Your Operating Expenses By Outsourcing Some Or All Of Your Accounts Receivables Management Function. Let A Dedicated Skilled Professional Do The Work So You Can Focus On Your Core Business.

This is how we can proactively manage your accounts receivables:
Evaluate your current process and develop a plan of action
Ensure timely payments
Consistent and effective follow-ups
Resolve account issues early on
Maintain accurate billing procedures
Reconcile billing issues
Catch up and clean up bad debt
Maintain customer goodwill
Work with staff for best possible rate of return
And More...

Partner With Us To Optimize Your In-House Receivables
You have nothing to lose and all to gain.

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